Traditional Bow Hunters of Washington

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Late Season in the Olympics

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Deer Season In Idaho

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Volunteering, the Rock Shoot, and the Banquet. by Gregg Bafundo

TBW is an amazing organization, a family and a lifestyle to many of our members.  We put on multiple shoots; burn camp, banquet, WAJAM and events like the Sportsmen’s Show, too many to list really.  Traditionally we’ve always lived by the mantra of ‘Someone will step up’.  While I still believe this to be mostly true increasingly we are seeing the same people manage multiple events over and over again.  I foresee a time in the not so distant future when some of these folks may want to step down or at least slow down a bit.  Without a deeper pool for TBW to draw from we may find ourselves in the unfortunate position of having to cancel an event or two. Even worse than that, imagine failing at something like Burn Camp?

I’m not writing this to make you feel doom and gloom.  I’m writing this because the Board and I see a huge opportunity to dig into our amazing club and find the next generation of leaders.  At November’s board meeting we discussed creating a steering committee to help direct the future of TBW.  We are looking to recruit members who may not have the time to be full board members but may still want to give back to TBW in some way.  Maybe help with a shoot, or Burn Camp?  How about the Rock Shoot?  So, if you’re interested please reach out to myself, or any board member, even if you don’t think you have anything to offer.  I’d bet a dozen Rock Shoot Bucket arrows you do!

Speaking of the Rock Shoot the date is set for weekend of April 22-24th!   I hope to see you all there.

Before we gather to break arrows though we have the banquet to attend to.  As usual it will be a grand time with great food and a wonderful venue.  This year’s banquet will again be held in Normandy Park at The Cove on February 20th 2016.  If you have something to donate either for the auction or raffle let us know.  If you have a little time to help out better yet and don’t forget before the banquet we will be holding a board meeting (this is an awesome opportunity to come see what the board does and if you can help).

It’s 15 degrees up here in the Okanogan Highlands and the bucks are showing signs of the rut.  We’ve had no real snow yet but it may happen any day now.  My tree stands are hung and the hunt is in the air.  I wish you each a successful and safe late hunt and a wonderful holiday season.