It is our collective concern that with the proliferation of modern archery equipment, traditional equipment; craftsmanship and skills may be forgotten. Therefore, in the tradition of Howard Hill, Saxton Pope, Art Young, Will Thompson, Kore Duryee, Glenn St. Charles, and all others who have left us with a rich tradition of archery; we unite to form a traditional bowhunting organization for Washington State. The organizations mission is to preserve traditional bowhunting history, craftsmanship and technique for generations to come.


The articles set forth in these by-laws create the guiding principles for which the organization shall function as to not lose site of the organizational mission.

The organization shall be known as Traditional Bowhunters of Washington (TBW).

Article I.                Purpose and Activities
Section 1.01        Purpose
  • To align with the archery organizations of Washington State and the Pacific Northwest as a supporting club and to participate in related activities that do not conflict with the mission of TBW.
  • To promote, provide and instruct in the use of traditional archery equipment.
  • To advocate for the preservation of traditional archery equipment and the effects modern archery equipment has on the traditionally close range, primitive bowhunting technique.
  • To protect and promote the bowhunting season for the traditional bowhunting technique from modern archery advancements.
Section 1.02        Activities
  • A membership meeting will be held at least annually.
  • A minimum of two TBW sponsored events will be held per year.


Article II.             Membership and Dues
Section 2.01        Membership

1)      Membership shall be limited to persons believing in the preservation of traditional bowhunting history, craftsmanship and techniques.

2)      Members shall use traditional equipment only. Traditional equipment includes longbows, recurves, self-bows, solid wood or laminated, or handheld and hand released.

Section 2.02        Dues

1)      Dues shall be decided by the board and will be per individual or per family.

2)      Membership can be purchased by means of an annual membership or lifetime membership.

  1. i) Annual membership dues are to be paid in July of each year.
  2. ii) Lifetime membership fee is to be paid upon registration.
Article III.           Governance
Section 3.01        Bylaws

1)      These by-laws and subsequent policies are the guiding principles in which TBW is to function.

                                i.      Proposed changes to these by-laws shall be presented to the membership in writing and allow for at least 30 days to respond.

                               ii.      A minimum of vote consisting of three-quarters of the responding membership is required to ratify changes to these by-laws.

Section 3.02        Board of Directors

The Board of Directors shall consist of elected officers and charged with upholding the by-laws and policies of TBW.

The Board of Directors and subsequent responsibilities are as follows:

1)        President:
  1. Elected by the Board of Directors by majority vote.
  2. Serves as the official spokesperson and representative for TBW.
  • Charges with presiding over meetings.
  1. This is a non-voting position except in the case of a tie vote.
2)        Vice-President:

                             i.            Elected by the Board of Directors by majority vote.

                            ii.            Oversees membership and recruitment activities.

                          iii.            Fulfills President responsibilities in their absence.

                          iv.            This is a voting position unless fulfilling President duties.

3)        Secretary/Treasurer:
  1. Elected by membership vote.
  2. Responsible for recording and maintaining meeting minutes, financial and membership records.
  • Responsible for all financial duties related to TBW activities.
  1. This is a voting position.
4)        Directors:
  1. Elected by membership vote.
  2. Responsible for attending and participating in quarterly Board meetings.
  • This is a voting position.
Section 3.03        Terms of Office

1)        The term of office shall be one year. There is no maximum number of terms.

2)        All positions are volunteer and can be filled by vote of the Board of Directors in the instance of a mid-year vacancy until time of annual membership election.

3)        Four Board meetings will be held annually for the purpose of attending to official TBW business. All Board meetings are open to membership.

4)        Vote is based on simple majority of attending Board members. Any tie vote shall be broken at the discretion of the President.

5)        All Board members must be active and registered members.

Article IV.          Dissolution Clause

In the event of dissolution of the organization all active TBW members are to be provided the opportunity to acquire physical property with remaining physical and monetary property to be disbursed to active traditional archery organization within the state of Washington. If there are no active traditional archery organization within the state of Washington, disbursement may extend to traditional archery organizations within the Pacific Northwest.