How-To access the TBW forums

TBW Forums

The new TBW Forums are an excellent place to share information and to keep in touch.

The first thing to understand is that a forum is like an old fashioned BBS. If you haven’t been on those, it’s sort of like a message bulletin board in a campground. A Forum is like a bulletin board because you write a message, and people see it later and read it, and maybe respond to it. This is different than “chat” or a chat page because “chat” is live… meaning you are online at exactly the same time as the person you are chatting with, and when you finish your “conversation” it disappears forever. People can not log into a chat page later, and see what you have been writing. But in a Forum, your conversation or message stays forever and people can log in anytime to see what you wrote.

That is the advantage, and the safe feature of a Forum. The message stays where it was posted, so it is clean and safe. And that is why here at TBW, we have added a Forum link. It is an easy place for you to check into and see if there are any discussions happening. Plus, as a bonus, there are nearly 100 Forums or topics at this web page. While many of them are specific to other states and other groups, it’s really nice to see how much interest there still is in traditional bow hunting around the country. Also, some of the topics do apply to us. There is a “classified” forum for example where you can see things for sale or maybe sell something of your own to someone who lives who knows where in the US or even somewhere in the whole world!

You can read any post, but to reply to a post or to start your own topic or coversation, you will need to register. To register, slelect one of the “register” links at the top of the page and fill in the information requested. There are some options, but if you just ignore them you will get the default setup.
After you submit the registration, you will get an email with your new password. Login using your user-id (that you requested) and the password they sent you, and you will be good to go.

Finally, to change or update your profile, login first, and then somewhere at the top of the page will be a link that says “my profile”. Click on this link to update stuff like your email address, for example.